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Roger Eastwood art collection

Photos may not appear as sharp as originals and prints.


Lynx by Roger Eastwood
Lynx by Roger Eastwood.


Raccoon in a tree by Roger Eastwood
Raccoon in a black Oak Tree by Roger Eastwood.


Mountain Lion by Roger Eastwood
Mountain Lion by Roger Eastwood.


Cardinals by Roger Eastwood
Cardinals by Roger Eastwood.


Tropical beach scene with rowboat & palms by Roger Eastwood.
Tropical Beach Scene with Rowboat & Palms by Roger Eastwood.


Egret in Marsh by Roger Eastwood
Egret in Marsh by Roger Eastwood.


Boat House by Roger Eastwood
Boat House by Roger Eastwood.


Raccoon in stump
Raccoon in Chestnut Stump by Roger Eastwood.


Town, Man & Dog Going in Barn in Snow by Roger Eastwood
New England Town in Winter showing Man & Dog Going in Barn by Roger Eastwood


Bounding Deer by Roger Eastwood
Bounding Deer by Roger Eastwood.


Relaxing Raccoon by Roger Eastwood
Relaxing Raccoon by Roger Eastwood.


Vermont Country Homestead by Roger Eastwood
New England Country Homestead by Roger Eastwood.


Bluebird in grey forest by Roger Eastwood
Bluebird in Grey Forest by Roger Eastwood.



Anne Eastwood hand made rugs

Anne Eastwood Eastwood hooked rug
A “Lady & the Unicorn” hand made rug by Anne Eastwood that was displayed in the Empire State Building and the CT Governor’s mansion. (The image shows only a portion of the rug.)

Anne Borden Doolittle, currently residing in Venice Florida. She is an artist with a multitude of achievements. Her rugs have been displayed in numerous locations, including the Empire State Building in New York City and the Governor’s mansion in Connecticut. Anne is an international rug hooking teacher who taught in fifteen US states and had her rugs displayed at the Museum of Folk Art in New York City.


About this rug.


More of Anne Eastwood’s rugs will be posted on Collect Hawaii. Many are in private collections and some can be purchased directly from Anne Eastwood. Inquires should be addressed to Anne Eastwood at




Anne Eastwood hand made hooked wool unicorn rug
Anne Eastwood hand made, hooked unicorn rug in private collection.



hand made dragon rug by Anne Eastwood
Anne Eastwood hand made hooked dragon rug in private collection.




A family devoted to the preservation of nature

The Eastwood family tree.

Eastwood family tree: Scott, William & Roger
Family tree: From left to right: Scott, William & Roger Eastwood.



Purchases support our mission.



ABOUT: Roger Eastwood, Anne, William, Scott, Family & Products
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Scott Eastwood music


Carbon Red: The Tree official music video
Carbon Red: “The Tree.” official music video.


Carbon Red band music store
Carbon Red band music store official site.


Scott Eastwood & Carbon Red: The Tree song
Scott Eastwood & Carbon Red: The Tree song.






William Eastwood


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William Eastwood free PDF type book
Free PDF book. No requirements or sign-in.



Who is William Eastwood?

William Eastwood author
William Eastwood.



25 Books by William Eastwood

Collect Hawaii William Eastwood books movie products
William Eastwood books to support the mission.



Earth Network world help
Earth Network.

Books by William Eastwood to fund the mission (which includes the support of native Hawaiians and the protection of the Hawaiian islands natural environment).




One of many books by William Eastwood.


You Are A Beautiful Person book by William Eastwood
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